In-browser play or download?

Posted by adironda
Jun 04 2013

If you are an experienced player who has tried out a few casinos you are probably aware of the fact that some websites offers their casino games straight in the browser whereas in others you have to download their casino software in order to start playing. Some other websites offer both an instant play casino as well as a downloadable casino client, which is good because you can then try them both out and see which ones you prefer.

When choosing between the two, it’s good to have some knowledge of what some of the pros and cons of the two options are. One is not necessarily better than the other – in the end it all comes down to our own personal preferences.

Downloadable casino client

Usually the downloadable version of the casino runs a little bit smoother, and sometimes includes more games than the instant play version of the game, which is positive of course. On the other hand, you can’t start playing straight after you register on the side, as you will have to wait for the casino to download as well as installing it on the computer, which can be a bit of a pain if you are impatient. The good thing about download casinos is that they usually have a large amount of games, and most of them have really good graphics.

Instant play

In my opinion, instant play casinos are to be preferred to downloaded games, much because of the fact that it is such a simple and easy way of playing. Simply register an account with a website like PAF Casino, make your first deposit and get your bonus, and then start playing straight away. To tell you the truth, with modern day technology there isn’t much of a difference on how games perform if you compare the two alternatives. The only downside of instant play casinos is the possibility that you might miss out on a few games that are only available in the downloaded casino room, in which case you can always download it at a later time. On the other hand, there are plenty of casino websites today which offers more than a hundred games in their browser based casinos.

All in all, I’d say most casinos have pretty similar games, so what it really comes down to is whether you like to download stuff or not. Some people seem to feel more secure when they know that they have the software downloaded.

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