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The chat room – an important feature in online bingo

Bingo and other forms of Lottery | Posted by adironda
Jun 17 2013

I’ve read a lot of good articles about online bingo lately. I guess, since online bingo is continue to grow in popularity, more and more people want to write about it. Since I have a gambling blog, a years of experience in online bingo, I figured I should probably write something up myself. But the more I thought about it, the more it seemed like everything had already been written. I mean the game of bingo itself is very simple, so there’s only that much you can write about it. Then I thought, how about writing something that about bingo that doesn’t have to do with the game itself? That’s when I knew I was going to write an article about the chat rooms in bingo.

In general, people that don’t play bingo online seem to think that online bingo is something that you play by yourself in a room, which is actually correct depending on how you look at it. My point however, is that people don’t seem to think of online bingo as a social activity, when I reality it’s probably the branch of gambling that is the most sociable as long as you find the right places to play! has several options of good social bingo sites!

In pretty much every online bingo hall, there is a chat room that everyone who is involved in the bingo game is connected to. This room is used for several things, but mainly, as you might have guessed, for chatting to other players in the room. Now, you’d probably think how people could have time to chat when they are playing bingo, especially if their only reference to bingo is when they played in school. The difference between online bingo and live bingo is that you don’t have to fill the cards out yourself when you play online, so there’s actually plenty of time to just chill out and watch the game as it progresses, which is why many people like to talk to each other during the game. I’ve made so many good friends through the chat room on different bingo sites that you probably wouldn’t believe it. Bingo players are typically very polite and everyone seems to be out to have a good time when they are playing, so everyone is really doing their best to generate a good vibe in the bingo chat, which is nice!

Bingo sites often have chat managers employed to moderate the chat room. They are responsible to keep everyone in the room happy and satisfied, and if anyone happens to have any technical issues or question, the chat host is there to help. What’s even better is the fact that the CM’s often play chat games with the players who are playing bingo. In these games, the players have a chance of winning free bonus money in every round. This money can later be used to buy bingo cards, which will increase your chances of making a lot of money when you play bingo online! I’ve got a couple of websites to recommend new players: (can be found here!) and (can be found here!). They both have really good and thorough reviews over a large number of online bingo sites, so that you can pick the ones you like the best!

So if you thought that bingo online seemed like a boring an slow activity, I would really recommend that you at least give it a chance. At sites like balloonbingo you can even try it out for free, sa they give away €10 to all new players that sign up. They are well known for having a very friendly chatroom where everyone is welcome, and is one of my main bingo sites when I choose to play.

Poker: Getting Started

Poker Online | Posted by adironda
Jan 25 2013

Starting in the world of poker is not easy thing to do. The majority of gambling related activities are enclosed to the general public at a fisical level; however due to the rapid expansion of the games on the internet people are more aware of this. Hence, creating a more varied selection of people being able to join and register to play poker online.

So for all those who start it is recommendable to have a certain state of mind when coming to play poker, the same with any other casino game. You can read more about it here!

Poker is a more complicated game than let’s say – bingo, but that does not mean it is something to put a side if you are a beginner, there are plenty of information sites and guides that can serve as help the same with demos in which you can try your abilities.

I’ve found a really good site for beginning poker players which will teach you a lot if you can take the time off and read the articles provided on the website. It’s called PokerZ and the best thing about it is that you can also find reviews over different poker sites which are based on a number of different criteria so that you can easily get a view over which poker sites are the best.

Poker is one of the most classical games in the history of gambling. It´s difficult to judge its impact due to the many years the game has been active, but what we can surely say that when it comes to poker online huge advances have been made. Even more so when we come to talk about live poker.

Many Web-Pages have implemented a system run by web-cams that makes it seem like the player is in a real poker room with other players and croupiers. This characteristic makes it a very complete asset for the game. The feeling of realism is magnificent; the level poker online demonstrates is out of the chart. Find some of the best poker sites in terms of graphics and animations on this page!

The poker room is not only accessible now; it is a full time high quality experience that deserves to be tried. A fan of poker or not, checking the live poker is something that must be done. The different versions of it as well as complete reviews on the aspects of the page can be viewed at various review pages, although I haven´t been able to find a perfect one yet.

However I can recommend juegos del casino, a site that really helped me when getting started in the world of gambling; you should have a look at it too, especially if you want to learn more about poker!